Healthy Bites: February 2013

February is notorious for bringing with it gray skies and gray moods. With the cold weather set in and the holidays long over, it’s easy to feed into our winter blues by staying indoors, eating heavier foods, drinking more than usual, and expending less energy. These tendencies and feelings are completely normal – just like everything in nature, people also experience cycles, and winter is a natural “down” time. However, it’s important to remember that down time does not mean stop time. If we feed too much into our winter blues now, where will we be when the frost melts?

We certainly don’t want to start spring feeling overweight and tired, so think of these last several weeks of winter as a time to recharge and restore, rather than as a time to mindlessly indulge. It’s the perfect, slow time of year to dial back on obligations and running around, and focus on self-restoration and growth. Use this month’s “healthy bite” to get in touch with some important areas of your health and well-being and prepare for the warmer, more energetic days ahead… >> Click to continue reading February’s Healthy Bite at Montgomery Media!

About Healthy Bites: Living your best life happens one step at a time! In a sea of too much, and often conflicting health information, Healthy Bites provides the simple, specific information and guidance you need to make a small step – or, a “healthy bite” – toward a healthier and happier life. Local wellness expert, board-certified health coach and lifestyle counselor, Mikaela D. Martin, of Guidance for Growing in Souderton, writes the monthly Healthy Bites column for Montgomery Media.