About Me

I am a licensed clinical social worker with expertise in EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing for the treatment of trauma, anxiety, alcohol, drug, and other non-substance (process) addictions such as gambling. I am also an intervention specialist, trained in the Johnson Model. My practice is designed to look at the whole person, rather than at a particular isolated problem. Because no two people are the same, I leave the cookie-cutting for the kitchen and instead provide individualized programs and accountability to best meet your particular needs and goals. I help you see the many strengths and motivations you already have, and empower you to discover what works for you, so you can let all the contradictory and confusing health advice out there roll right off your back!


A Dream Is Born

My inherent curiosity has always driven me to try to understand perspectives different from my own. This inclination led me to the field of psychology, and the pursuit of a master’s degree in clinical social work. Over the past three decades, my clinical practice has enriched me with invaluable professional experience. Simultaneously, my commitment to my personal growth has remained unwavering. Throughout this journey, I embarked on a quest for a profound understanding of the mind/body connection. Engaging in deep self-reflection, I explored how my mindset influenced not only my mental but also my physical health. While cultivating a growth mindset had a positive effect on my mental health, I noticed that I wasn’t applying these same principles to my physical health. So I introduced elements such as exercise, nutrition, and the occasional indulgence in a slice of pizza, to strike a balance in my life. This exploration and the positive benefits I experienced underscored for me the significant impact lifestyle choices have on mental health. Witnessing individuals being treated for anxiety, depression, and stress without due consideration for the role of nutrition, relationships, exercise and recreation became a source of frustration for me. From this frustration, a dream emerged— to establish a distinctive practice offering an integrative and individualized approach to health and wellness. Thus, Guidance for Growing was born.

Majestic Tree

Mental Health Expertise

I have expertise in many different conditions, and because everyone is unique in the way they live and learn, I use a wide variety of therapeutic approaches to help my clients work through issues and develop the tools they need to cope with future obstacles.


Anxiety, Depression, Dual Diagnosis, Self Esteem, Trauma, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, Eating Disorders


Alcohol Use, Drug Abuse, Non-Substance Addiction, Gambling, Sexual Addiction


Anger Management, Codependency, Family Conflict, Divorce, Peer Relationships


Homosexual, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, LGBTQ+

The Mind Body Connection

A nourishing diet and regular activity provide the foundation for a healthy life.  However, as fundamental as they are, lots of us are confused about how to eat and exercise in a way that makes us feel good. I help you see how all parts of your life are connected. Does stress at work cause you to overeat? Is a feeling of frustration in your intimate relationship causing you to skip meals?  Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising? Together we’ll design an individualized program that addresses your unique needs so that you can make lasting change.