Welcome to my practice. I’m M. Jason Radosky, a licensed clinical psychotherapist, with certifications in EMDR, CBT, and motivational interviewing. I work with clients living with trauma, depression, anxiety, alcohol and other drug abuse, gambling and other process addiction issues. I’m also an experienced alcohol and other drug interventionist. My practice, Guidance for Growing, focuses on integrating body and mind to achieve maximum outcomes in wellness.

Mental Healthcare

When was the last time you talked with someone about your mental health and received the personal attention you deserve?  I provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can openly discuss your concerns and learn ways to overcome negative thought patterns. Guidance for Growing differs from many traditional practices in that it is integrative. Rather than exclusively addressing a particular problem, we’ll look at how all areas of your life are connected. Not only will I equip you with essential tools and proven strategies to rebound from setbacks and confront adversity head-on, but I will craft an individualized treatment plan that addresses the whole body, including diet and exercise.

Therapeutic Specialties


You already have the skills needed to survive and thrive. You simply need to apply those skills intentionally in your life. We’ll work together to identify your internal strengths and use them to dismantle the barriers that are keeping you from enjoying life. 


Changing old habits can be challenging. We will explore the reasons for your ambivalence, and identify what motivates you, using that to strengthen your resolve. This methodology can be a powerful tool to address addiction and physical health conditions.


Does stress at work cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep prevent you from exercising? We’ll look at how each part of your life affects the whole. Guidance for Growing differs from traditional practices in how we integrate diet, exercise, and therapy.


Do you feel unheard, frustrated, abandoned, or ashamed in your relationship? The key to a good relationship is feeling safe to express yourself and learning how to listen. We’ll look at the underlying causes of the communication breakdown and identify ways to get your relationship back on track.


I’ll help you identify where alcohol and other drugs are inhibiting growth, and you’ll gain the knowledge needed to develop and maintain an individualized treatment program. Your treatment will be kept completely confidential. If you’re facing alcohol or other drug charges such as a DUI, you will receive help to meet all court-mandated requirements.


Problem gambling and other non-substance addictions can strain your relationships, interfere with responsibilities at home & work, and lead to serious financial troubles. We will explore the root causes of your addictions, and develop a plan to address the emotional hardship and financial repercussions of your addictions.


As a trained and experienced interventionist I can facilitate an intervention for a loved one to interrupt the progressive and destructive path of addictive behaviors. Though interventions are designed to motivate the individual to seek treatment, they serve to get the whole family system healthy, as the disease is not isolated to the individual.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps us learn how to identify and change the disturbing and destructive thought patterns that have a negative influence on us. We’ll combine talk therapy and behavioral therapy and create a suite of coping strategies to minimize unhelpful thought patterns such as black and white thinking, catastrophizing & overgeneralization.


Unprocessed trauma can be compared to a head injury that hasn’t been able to heal, so your brain hasn’t received the message the danger is over. Therefore new experiences can link up to old trauma and reinforce it. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy uses bilateral stimulation to reframe the meaning of that trauma so you can move past it.

guidance & insight

Individual, Couple, and Marriage Counseling

You are not alone. Therapy is a collaborative process aimed at reframing life’s challenges as opportunities for personal growth. Together, we will build a comprehensive toolbox of strategies that empower you to navigate life’s obstacles with grace and courage. Whether you want to focus on yourself or a relationship with a partner, our shared efforts will result in a tailored program designed to significantly enhance your health and happiness.

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