October 1st, 2015

https://b.thumbs.redditmedia.com/fe8YvQZwi0UpLCPsjcIlLAPyHLpMWVmawN3u_4nAmFk.pngIn the process of changing your ‪‎drinking‬ habits, or thinking about changing them? Check out reddit’s “stop drinking” subreddit to ask for & receive advice, give & get encouragement, & share stories: /r/stopdrinking/

The /r/stopdrinking support group can be a great addition to your support toolbox <3

Stopping Stigma

March 16th, 2015

Stigma—where does it come from & how do we change it?:

“Stigma against addicts exists because it is commonly believed that they are making bad choices, & that they have control over their actions. While this is essentially true—no one is forcing you to drink or use—there are fundamental changes in not only reward, but also executive control areas in the brain that make it hard to do what some consider a simple cost-benefit analysis before imbibing. ‘Addiction is so complex, & also so devastating, that many societies have ostracized and shamed people with addictive disorders..It’s easy to do that because the behavioral component—using something that is not working in one’s best interest—is poorly understood & thus easy to criticize.’”

>> Click to read the whole article on thefix.com

Training update: EMDR & Gut Brain

May 14th, 2013

Both Jason and Mikaela have been to trainings over the past couple weeks:

    >>> Jason spent several days expanding his training and skills in EMDR, a therapeutic tool shown especially effective for those working through issues related to trauma, anxiety, panic, grief, depression, and chronic pain.

    >>> Mikaela went to a seminar on “Understanding the Gut Brain: Stress, Appetite, Digestion, and Mood,” facilitated by Dr. Merrily Kuhn, which showed the strong connection between what we eat and how we feel.

    Please contact the office if you’d like to learn more about how we can incorporate these trainings into your wellness program! Reach us by email at info@guidanceforgrowing.com or by phone at (215) 421-1634.

    Sign up for our new treatment group!

    November 15th, 2012

    Two… or three or four or five heads are better than one! Guidance for Growing is now running a group program for alcohol and other drug treatment.  Of course, individual therapy is great, but group therapy offers a whole new way to approach your treatment and comes with its own unique benefits*:

    • Being in a group therapy setting means having several other people cheer you on and help you set and achieve goals toward your recovery.
    • Another member in your group might bring up a challenge with which he or she is dealing. You might have an identical problem, only you see the problem from your own perspective. When looking at someone else’s situation, you might see your own issue in a new light. Suddenly something that was very challenging has an easy solution.
    • Working in group therapy is a great way to experiment with new behaviors. You can “try out” new ways of thinking and relating in a safe environment before going out into the real world.
    • You will quickly abandon the idea that you’re alone in your feelings and thoughts. It’s likely that several people share your experience.
    • Working with an group of people is one of the most natural ways to overcome a problem, including an alcohol or other drug problem. We work together with others at our jobs and in our families. Humans are built to learn and grow in the presence of others — why should therapy be any different?

    Group has been a core aspect of alcohol and other drug treatment for decades, because it’s proven to be extremely effective. Guidance for Growing is currently running a Tuesday night group at 6:45pm [2/26/13 edit: new day and time TBA) in our Souderton office. Contact us for more information and to sign up: mikaela@guidanceforgrowing.com or (215) 421-1634.  Please note, if you need to complete alcohol and other drug treatment to meet a legal obligation, this group can be used to fulfill that requirement, as we are a state-licensed facility.

    * Adapted from Clearview.

    >>> Do you have questions about your alcohol or other drug use? We provide completely confidential assessments and free consultations. For more information contact Mikaela or Jason at info@guidanceforgrowing.com or (215) 421-1634.

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