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Guidance for Growing is a dream come true for us — quite literally!

When we met in 2003, we spent many hours talking about a future in which we would work together, blending our passions for healthy living and helping people.  Coming from experience in the human services, bodywork, and mental health fields, we knew that most traditional practices were missing an important connection between physical body and mental well-being.  We knew that most therapy and counseling programs offered a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to programs, which simply does not work for making long-term changes.  And, we knew that much of the wellness advice out there was contradictory, confusing, and overwhelming.

Additionally, because it’s clear to us that lifestyle choices affect mental health, we were frustrated about people being treated for anxiety, depression, and stress without consideration or conversation regarding the role of nutrition and activity in their lives. Likewise, how could people with near-constant weight struggles not be asked about the state of their relationships, careers and overall happiness?

With all that in mind, it was no wonder to us why people were stuck, not knowing how or where or when to start making changes!

Thus, a dream was born: To build a different practice, one that offers an integrative and individualized approach to health and wellness.

To make this dream a reality, we cultivated our individual passions over the next several years:

Jason, already in the mental health field with certifications in addictions, criminal justice, and gambling, continued his training and education to become a licensed therapist and personal trainer.  Additionally, he’s taken several trainings focused on a variety of different therapies, including EMDR for those dealing with trauma and anxiety, and progressive alcohol and other drug treatment for adolescents.  Mikaela, with a background in human services, communications, and massage therapy and bodywork, directed her studies on nutrition and counseling to become a board-certified health counselor.  She is also currently working toward state-licensure for therapy, and has completed several other trainings focused on nutrition, emotional eating, the gut-brain connection, and dietary theory.

Our skills and areas of expertise compliment each other, and we’re beyond thrilled to be working with the individuals and families right here in our hometown. Life is good!

Recognizing that people live, work, and play within a unique system of relationships and circumstances, we now have a practice that looks at the whole person, rather than only at his or her “problem.”  Because no two people are the same, we leave the cookie-cutting for the kitchen and instead provide individualized programs and accountability in order to best meet your particular needs and goals. We help you see the many strengths and motivations that you already have, and empower you to discover what works for you, so that all the contradictory, confusing, and overwhelming health advice out there rolls right off your back, Jack!

Learn more about the specific signature services and programs we offer for your health, wellness, and recovery:

Living your best life happens one step at a time. We provide those steps with accessible services and attainable goals that allow individuals to live the lives they’ve dreamed of.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

In wellness,
Jason & Mikaela


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