What is rooted will grow

Discover your potential with Guidance for Growing!

Take a moment right now to think about what you're rooting in your life. Are a healthy diet, a calm mind, happy relationships and a physically active life on your list... or do you just wish they were?

Guidance for Growing is a flexible, integrative wellness practice that will help get your personal growing on track. Based on an individual's goals - and without using trendy self-help "secrets" and diets - we work with clients to discover the best approach to meet their unique goals. We provide support, empowerment, accountability, education, counsel and insight for people who are ready for change. If you're feeling unhealthy, unhappy, stressed, anxious, tired, heavy or simply unclear about your lifestyle and direction, it may be time to plant some new seeds and get clear on how you'd like to grow - and we can help!

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Happening now

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