Mental Health

Working with a mental health therapist will help you overcome the barriers that keep you from living your best life. In a therapy program, you’ll receive the support and guidance needed to get through changes with strength, and be able to effectively revamp whatever realms of your life are in need.


Everyone has strengths and a good therapist will help to recognize, explore, and utilize them in order to dismantle the barriers that are keeping you from enjoying life. Often, people will overlook their strengths or, if a strength is recognized, it may not be used to bolster perceived areas of weakness. Guidance for Growing therapy helps you explore your strengths and then use them to overcome challenges.


Everyone is motivated toward something. The key is to discover what your motivation is, and then tap into it to reach goals. Guidance for Growing therapy assists you in finding your motivations and utilizing them to work toward your goals.


Our therapist is a well versed in a number of different areas such as mental health, substance use and fitness training. What this means for you is that you can address most issues while in therapy and not feel limited in your exploration. Our therapy differs from many traditional practices in that all aspects of a person are addressed. In addition to exploring the traditional, we also delve into diet, exercise and other life activities. Too often these aspects are overlooked and can be contributors to the reason you are seeking assistance.

What to expect

Your therapy is a collaborative, active process that will grow and change as you do. Our therapist is licensed and certified in a broad range of specialties and able to incorporate a variety of different treatment modalities to help uncover your potential. Through therapy, you’ll discover and learn the coping and management skills that work best for your unique personality and situation.

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