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At Guidance for Growing, a state-licensed therapist will assess and address issues surrounding your alcohol and other drugs use.  Your treatment will be kept completely confidential, and you will gain the knowledge and have the support needed to develop, update and maintain an individualized treatment program.  If you’re facing alcohol or other drug charges such as a DUI, you will receive help to meet all court-mandated requirements.


The first step in knowing if there’s an alcohol or other drug issue is to have an assessment.  Because substance use is not isolated to one area of an individual’s life, an assessment will explore your medical, employment, education, family, social, legal, and mental health background. This thorough, two-hour assessment allows both the individual and assessor a chance to view areas where alcohol and other drugs are stunting one’s growth.  Alcohol and other drug assessments are used to determine recommended level of care:

  • For those concerned about their personal substance use
  • For employers concerned about an employee’s substance use
  • For parents concerned about their child’s substance use
  • For juveniles receiving an alcohol or other drug offense
  • As required for those convicted of a DUI offense

Therapy and programs

Guidance for Growing offers alcohol and other drug information, education programs and therapy for groups, individuals and families, including juveniles:

Individual & Group Treatment

Alcohol and other drug counselors help people who have issues and concerns with alcohol and/or other drugs. A therapist will work with you to help identify where alcohol and other drugs are inhibiting growth. This work can happen in individual or a group setting, or a combination of both. Often the source of issues require more than the individual. In these cases, if possible, the family and other significant others participate in therapeutic process. Very often, the topic of mental health arises when dealing with alcohol and other drugs.   >Please click here to see how mental health issues will be addressed.

Intervention for individuals with alcohol and other drug problems:

  • Designed to help the individual see their problematic alcohol and/or other drug use and motivate them into treatment
  • Intervention plan development for family, friends, and co-workers who have loved ones suffering from alcohol and other drug problems
  • We work from the Johnson Model, which requires the participation from friends, family, coworkers, etc.
  • Interventions are well-planned, thorough events that allow the people close to the one suffering from the effects of alcohol and other drugs to understand the disease of addiction.
  • Interventions serve to get the whole system healthy as one’s alcohol and other drug problems are not isolated to the individual.

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