Whole Grain Tabbouleh

The whole grains in tabbouleh come from bulgur, which is made from whole hard wheat. This whole wheat is very different than the wheat-based products we often buy at the grocery store: When wheat is refined and processed — primarily into wheat flour — nearly all of its nutritional value is stripped away. In fact, “more than half of wheat’s B vitamins, 90 percent of the vitamin E, and virtually all of the fiber” are lost. When wheat is refined, its nutritious bran and germ are removed and we’re left only with a starch that’s digested as a simple sugar, causing our blood sugar levels to spike as if we’d eaten candy!  Incorporate some healthy whole grains into your diet — and make good use of the delicious cucumbers and tomatoes that are in season right now! — with Mikaela’s tasty tabouleh recipe from the Blooming Glen Farm blog. Click here for the full post and recipe…

>> Mikaela and Jason have been members of Blooming Glen Farm’s CSA program since its first season in 2006. Farmers Tom Murtha and Tricia Borneman  and their dedicated crew grow over 75 different varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs, which are available through the CSA, to restaurants and natural food stores, and at seasonal farmers’ markets.

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