How can a Neuropsych Evaluation help me better understand a child’s needs?

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Educational Lifeline event, “How can a Neuropsych Evaluation help me better understand a child’s needs?

When: Thursday, April 4, 9:30AM to 11:30AM
Where: Zion Mennonite Church, 149 Cherry Lane, Souderton, PA
Who: Dr. Kara Schmidt, Neuropsychologist

Dr. Kara Schmidt has experience assessing children and adolescents with a wide range of developmental disorders and neurological conditions.  This includes children with ADHD, developmental language disorders, nonverbal learning disabilities, brain injuries, epilepsy, genetically-based developmental disabilities, and other problems that may affect learning or behavior.  Dr. Schmidt obtained her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her clinical training in child neuropsychology was completed in numerous settings including Boston University/Child psychology Service, NYU North Shore University Hospital/Neuropsychology Services and the Neurology Department at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Her previous experience includes positions as Director of Assessment at Bryn Mawr College’s Child Study Institute (CSI) as well as Staff Psychologist in the Neurology Department at Riddle Hospital.

Educational Lifeline is an all inclusive group; please join us for this informative event! You may RSVP and direct questions to,

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