Sam’s Potato Soup

November 7th, 2013

Sam's potato soupThe recent low-carb craze have given potatoes a bad rap in recent years, but the truth is potatoes are actually a healthy complex carbohydrate that offers half the recommended daily values of vitamins C and B6 and potassium.  They’re a “good” carb, meaning that they digest slowly, preventing your blood sugar from spiking like simple carbs do. The caveat: We need to eat them with their skin and prepare them as healthily as possible.  See Mikaela’s post about the nutritional benefits of potatoes and get a recipe on the Blooming Glen Farm blog by clicking here.

>> About Blooming Glen Farm: Mikaela and Jason have been members of the Blooming Glen Farm’s CSA program since its first season in 2006. Situated in Hilltown Township, PA on 30 acres of preserved farmland, farmers Tom Murtha and Tricia Borneman founded Blooming Glen Farm in Bucks County where Tricia grew up, because of their commitment to preserving and encouraging the rich agricultural heritage of the region. They grow over 75 different varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs, which are marketed through a 300-member CSA, to restaurants and natural food stores, and at the seasonal farmers’ markets. Click here to visit their website!

INSIDE: New service info, Sweet Potato Chili recipe, and smiles :)

October 28th, 2013

Hello and happy Autumn,

We hope this newsletter finds you enjoying the wonderful Autumn weather and activities! In this newsletter:
* We’re excited to announce two new services for our clients, EMDR therapy and a Health and Wellness Breakthrough session.
* Read about the sweet potato’s nutritional info and get a tasty recipe for Sweet Potato Chili recipe, which is just perfect for the cool nights ahead.
* Some positive tidbits we’ve shared online this month.

Check it all out below — and feel free to share this newsletter by forwarding it to a friend or by using the social media links above :)

Have a great day,
Jason & Mikaela

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